Asim Riaz proposed for marriage to Himanshi Khurana on Bigg Boss 13

Asim Riaz proposed

Asim Riaz proposed for marriage to Himanshi Khurana on Bigg Boss 13.

In the latest episode in Bigg Boss 13, we saw that some new peoples will enter into the house for some special purposes, they enter into the house for supporting their favourite contestants and stay some few days in Bigg Boss house. This reality show going to be a very entertaining day by day. This season really a very interesting season in Bigg Boss History. We saw some new concepts, tasks in the house, which are making this show very interesting.

In the preview of last night episode in Bigg Boss 13, we saw that some ex-contestants of Bigg Boss entered into the house. Where we saw Kashmira Shah entered for Arti Singh, Deevolina Bhattachariya entered for Rashami Desai, Vikash Gupta entered for Sidharth Sukla, Mahira Sharma’s brother also entered into the Bigg Boss house. But the most exciting entry was Himabshi Khurana for Asim Riaz.

The popular love story in Bigg Boss 13 is Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz. Which was not end with Himanshi’s eviction? But after eviction, we also see Asim Riaz’s feelings about HImanshi Khurana and we also got the news that Himanshi also loves Asim Riaz, for this reason, she also break-up with her fiance. Now it is interesting to see their incomplete love story in the Bigg Boss house.

In today’s episode, Himanshi Khurana entered the house for supporting Asim Riaz and also confess her love to Asim Riaz. In precap of the last episode, we saw that Asim Riaz is so excited for Himanshi Khurana and when entered into the Bigg Boss house Asim surprised and give her a side hug. After some while, Asim Riaz cannot control himself and proposes to HImanshi Khurana for marriage and also asking for love. And Himanshi Khurana also excited like Asim Riaz and she also says yes for marriage and love without taking time.

Asim Riaz proposed her in front of every gharwale. So we got some also news about their love story that Himanshi Khurana also cleared out her brake-up reason in front of all. Which in last weekend ka vaar Salman Khan indirectly blamed Asim Riaz for Himanshi Khurana’s Break-up. So watch here for the latest updates from Bigg Boss house.

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