Big Fights between Sidharth & Shenaz in Captaincy Task in Bigg Boss 13 23 January 2020


Big Fights between Sidharth & Shenaz in Captaincy Task in Bigg Boss 13 23 January 2020: In this current week in Bigg Boss 13, we noticed that there is noting ok in between SIDNAZ relationship. They face some difficult situations nowadays, we see Shenaz Gill getting upset on the behavior of Sidharth Sukla and on the other side Sidharth Sukla is continuously ignoring Shenaz and he is very clear about Shenaz that he should be ignoring her till the end of this season.

After the family week and weekend ka waar episodes in Bigg Boss13, Sidharth Sukla gets upset on Shenaz Gill. Actually Sidharth Sukla does not clear why he is angry or upset upon Shenaz Gill. But when Shenaz trying to know the reason why Sidharth upset on her then Sidharth replied,”jo aapni maa baap ke nhi ho sakte woh kisiki nhi ho sakti.”

Bigg Boss 13 23 January 2020

Shenaz Gill after hearing this she gets angry on Sidharth and asked him that how could he say this? who told him that she was not her parents? But Sidharth denying to give any answer to Shenaz. This behavior of Sidharth Shenaz hurts a lot and crying. So this time Shenaz alone in the house, but as we know she cannot stay alone for a long time, that is why she started the talk with Rashami’s group means Asim Riaz, Vishal Aditya Singh.

But Shenaz missed Sidharth so much, she every time talks about Sidharth and as per as possible she is trying to solve the problem with Sidharth. But Sidharth does not give any chance to Shenaz for solving their problem. Shenaz clearly shows her upset mood on Sidharth. Though Sidharth do not talk with her she saved Sidharth from nomination, at the time of the nomination task, she clearly gives the reason why she wants to save Sidharth, she told that Sidharth her closest person in Bigg Boss house and he is the best friend of her.

Fights between Sidharth and Shenaz

After this, there is no change in the behavior of Sidharth about Shenaz. Shenaz joined the Rashami’s only for Sidharth ignorance. So we will see in the next episode that Shenaz completely joined Rashami’s group and gets into fights with Sidharth Sukla and others.

We saw in the preview of Bigg Boss13, in the 23rd January 2020 night episode, where Bigg Boss give captaincy task to contestants, wherein that task Shenaz gets angry on Sidharth Sukla and create a big fights between them. In this fight, Shenaz also pushed Sidharth.

Now it’s interesting to see that what will be the next step taken by Sidharth Sukla? Is Sidnaz gets into the close in this house or not? For the latest update visit this site and gets exclusive news from Bigg Boss13.

Fights between Sidharth & Shenaz

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