Big Fights in Bigg Boss house Between Mahira Sharma and Kunal Singh on 1st February 2020

Big Fights in Bigg Boss

Big Fights in Bigg Boss house Between Mahira Sharma and Kunal Singh on 1st February 2020.

The most popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 13 going to be very entertaining at the present time. In earlier only contestants of the Bigg Boss house entertain us but in this Bigg Boss added some new peoples in the Bigg Boss house as the connection of contestants. Where every contestant’s relatives or friends are entered into the house for some days. These connections are entered for some special purposes, they supported their own contestants.

Bigg Boss also give some special task to the connection, Bigg Boss also gives an opportunity to connect for playing a game for their own contestants. The task is given by Bigg Boss that the New Captaincy Task. Yes, we saw in the last episode where Bigg Boss gives a new captaincy task to all contestants and as well as connections.

In this task, we saw there are two teams divided by Bigg Boss. One team is all contestants and another team is the connection team. In this task, we saw every connection make plans for their own connection and they try to make their contestants as Dabedari for next captain in the house. During this task, we saw every contestants and connection are playing very energetically. As we know where energy was high there was creates fights between contestants.

But now in this task, here also creates a big fight between the contestant and other’s connection. The contestant is Mahira Sharma and Connection is Vishal Aditya Singh’s brother Kunal Singh. During the task Vishal’s brother Kunal trying to break Mahira’s TIJORI with spoons. Then Mahira told Kunal that if Bigg Boss property was destroyed then Bigg Boss also destroy him.

After this conversation Vishal Aditya Singh go to Mahira Sharma and asked what she told to his brother, then Mahira Sharma told everything clearly and in this conversation Vishal also angry on Mahira Sharma and Kunal also joined to his brother in this fights. Slowly these fights going to be very ugly where Vishal’s brother told Mahira that she should talk like that with her father. Mahira then gets very angry and her brother also gets very angry with Vishal’s brother.

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