Bigg Boss 13 10th January 2020: Big Statement by Shenaz’s father about Sidharth Sukla

Bigg Boss13 is one of the most controversial reality show in the Tv industry.It is 13th seasons of Bigg Boss on Colors Tv. This show started in 2008, and every year it takes a good place in colors Tv.But this 13th season is top in ranking and getting the highest TRP than other seasons.

Sidharth Sukla

In Bigg Boss13,the Punjab Katrina Shenaz Gill is the most entertaining contestant who is now most popular in this house. She always takes attraction from all. Her behavior is very friendly and natural, she also known for her cuteness and funny behavior.But in now she gets highlights for her relationship with Sidharth Sukla. Which is getting famous day by day.

Sidharth and Shenaz’s relationship which is known as ”Sidnaz”, everyone wants to know their relationship, because we see they love each other so much but they don’t accept clearly.Peoples are given their opinions about Sidnaz.

But latest news is that Shenaz father’s big statement on Shenaz Gill and Sidharth Sukla.Where we know everyone speak that Shenaz Gill fall in love with Sidharth Sukla. Shenaz’s father also gives his opinion on the Sidnaz relationship. He said ,”I don’t have any problem if she falls in love with #Sidharth Sukla”.

Yes,this big statement was given by Shenaz Gill’s father. Everyone accept their love except Sidharth and Shenaz.We just hopped and waiting for their confession,just wish they confess their in this Bigg Boss house.

We saw all most in episodes Shenaz’s love for Sidharth Sukla,we clearly her love through her behavior and sometimes her possessiveness on Sidharth Sukla. Sidharth also very possessive on her and very careful for her but he never exposed his feelings . Yes, their relationship is the most popular in season 13 of the Bigg Boss.

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