Bigg Boss 13 4th January 2020: Salman Khan ask Rashami Desai to leave the house

It’s time to Weekend ka Vaar episode on BIGG BOSS 13, As we know in every weekend Salman Khan host of this show. He came every weekend Saturday and Sunday. We saw last night’s episode promo that in this week Salman Khan getting angry and upset upon Sidharth Sukla, Rashami Desai, and Asim Riaz.

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar

As we already saw last episodes promo Salman Khan getting upset on Rashami Desai ‘s behavior in the last episode. Salman Khan also said to Rashami Desai That If she really believes that Bigg boss is biased with her then she should leave the show.

Salman Khan also asks Bigg boss to open the main door of the house for Rashami Desai to leave the show. Because Rashami Desai discussed many times about  Bigg boss’s biasness in the case of Sidharth Sukla. She also said to the camera about Sidharth Sukla’s provoking.

Asim Riaz and Rashmi Desai making a good relationship between them, this relations became stronger than earlier when Arhan Khan evicted from the house.  For this reason, Asim Riaz also called biased to the cameramen.

In previous Weekend ka Vaar episode  Salman Khan angry upon Asim Riaz for his thinking about cameramen. Asim Riaz said to the cameramen that yo drink tea and see Sidharth Sukla’s behavior.

In this Weekend Salman  Khan takes classes to the Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla. After Rashami Desai, Salman Khan getting angry upon  Asim Riaz and ask him why he called  Sidharth Sukla’s father is a cry baby,  does he know where he is. After that  Asim  Riaz replying yes he is no more. Salman Khan getting irritating day by day.

Salman Khan also talks about  Sidharth Sukla’s anger and said that he crossed his all limits when he is angry and then his real personality came out.

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