Bigg Boss 13 9th January 2020: Shehnaz Gill Confess her Love To Siddharth Shukla.

In every Bigg Boss season, so many relations were made and broke but some of this some relations are very popular which people never forget like Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandan, Tanisha Mukharjee and Arman Kohli, etc. In Season13 of Bigg Boss, there is also so many relationships made like Arhan and Rashmi, Devoleena and Rashmi, Paras and Mahira, Siddharth and Shehnaz, Madhurima and Vishal.

Bigg Boss 13 9th January 2020

  In Bigg Boss13 House relationship between Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill attracted the Bigg Boss fan. Peoples are liking their communications, combination and name their relationship”SIDNAZZ”.Siddharth’s fan and Shehnaz’s fan liking their relationship very much. Sidnaaz creates an example of real friendship. They can fight, entertain each other but nowadays we see Siddharth Shukla most of the time angry or upset upon Shehnaz Gill for her stupidity and Shehnaz Gill trying to resolve anger and upsetness. We see 8th January episode Shehnaz Gill emotionally talks with Siddharth Shukla and said that she hurts when Siddharth Shukla upset on her and also confesses that she never felt for other like Siddharth Shukla.

  In the last episode Siddharth Shukla asks Shehnaz Gill, Is she fall in love with him??? Shehnaz answered she loves him so much also possessive but not that kind of love. Actually, we saw Shehnaz Gill a little bit confuse about her love, she doing all such things which are actually doing a possessive girlfriend.

 Siddharth Shukla also cares Shehnaz Gill and loves her so much, he also doesn’t like Shehnaz Gill when she talks with Rashmi Desai group. Here we see the Siddharth Shukla”s possessiveness but he never uses this word.

 Anyway, they never separated from each other because they can’t leave without each other but now they solved their problem and stay together. Must watch today’s episode where we see entertain ka hangama with Harish. 

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