Bigg Boss 13 Week 15: Why Shenaz asks Rashami,”How to resolve her and Sidharth fight?”

In Bigg Boss13 house, we saw so many relationships between contestants, some are good friends and some are lovers. But in the case of  ”Sidnaz” means the most adorable relationship between Sidharth Sukla and Shenaz Gill they are some time behaving like father-daughter love some time looking like good friends or lovers. The public loves its combination.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 15

But nowadays, we saw there are some misunderstandings create between Sidnaz, which is not really so good to see for Sidnaz fans. In this weekend host Salman Khan also teasing Shenaz Gill and talks about Sidharth Sukla, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chapra are bitching about Shenaz Gill. After that Shenaz Gill getting upset with Sidharth Sukla, and after the next day, Sidharth Sukla started to irritate Shenaz Gill and teasing her by word of ”jealous ”in front of Mahira Sharma.

After that  Shenaz getting higher and started talking with  Asim’s group, which is hurt Sidharth Sukla, and he stopped talking with Shenaz  Gill, from here to started fights between Sidnaz.In the last episode, Sidharth Sukla changed his bed and sleep in garden area. On the day after Shenaz Gill also changed her bed.

Shenaz Gill tries so many times to talks with Sidharth Sukla and solved their misunderstanding, but Sidharth Sukla is very clear with Shenaz Gill to don’t talk about their problem.

Shenaz Gill very upset now and trying talk with Sidharth Sukla but this time she failed to solve her problem and Sidharth’s anger. In the new upcoming episode, we will see Shenaz Gill asks the biggest enemy of Sidharth Sukla in this house  Rashami Desai that how to solve their problem. And also asks to find out the way for Sidharth’s anger.

Rashami Desai shockingly replies that she doesn’t know. Today’s episode going to be more interesting to watch. And yes keep voting for saving your favorites contestants.


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