Bigg Boss Give Big Punishment to Vishal on Bigg Boss 13 23 January 2020

Punishment to Vishal on Bigg Boss 13 23 January

Bigg Boss 13 23 January: Why Bigg Boss gives punishment to Vishal Aditya Singh in captaincy task? We saw in the last episode’s preview that in the next captaincy task, where Vishal Aditya Singh will be Sanchalak of captaincy task. In that task, Vishal Aditya Singh takes some unfair decisions about tasks where all other contestants get angry with him but except Asim Riaz, Shenaz gill, Rashami Desai. Because we saw in the previous episode, where there was a task of contenders of Elite Club, there Asim Riaz was the Sanchalak and him also unfair in the task. Vishal also knew that Asim was unfair but he supports him. Like Asim, Vishal also cheated or take an unfair decision on captaincy tasks. Where everyone denying to accept his decision.

For Vishal’s unfairness and misusing of his power, Bigg Boss gives him a big punishment for the whole season. Bigg Boss called all contestants in leaving the area and talks about the power of Sanchalak and also said that the misusing of power is very thing and here Vishal misused his power for that reason Bigg Boss curtail the all immunities, which are in future we will get from the task or Bigg Boss.

Actually we saw in Bigg Boss that Sanchalak has a big power, which is sanchalak’s decision is the last and final decision of any task. Most of the time we see the Sanchalak always trying to make a decision in the favor of their team or group but they cannot misuse their power, but this time Vishal Aditya Singh misuse his power with the support of his group.

Punishment to Vishal on Bigg Boss 13 23 January

Now it’s interesting to see that what will be next step of  Vishal Aditya Singh. This time Vishal Aditya Singh looking quite confused and he cannot take the decision alone, he needed support from his group. This thing Bigg Boss also told him. At this time Vishal Aditya Singh Should play alone, then his real personality may become out.

Punishment to Vishal on Bigg Boss 13 23 January

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