Bigg Boss13 18 january 2020:Himangshi Khurana send a Big massage to Asim Riaz

In Bigg Boss13, there began the family week, where we saw in last episode half contestants family members have come into the house and their family member and all housemates. In the last latest episode where Shefali Jariwala’s husband came into the house with big massage for Asim Riaz.

Himangshi Khurana send a Big massage to Asim Riaz

He told Asim,” someone is waiting for you outside of the house.”Yes, this massage sends none other than HImangshi Khurana. As we know Himangshi Khurana is now out of the Bigg Boss house, but when she into Bigg Boss house, there was a relationship made between Asim Riaz and Himangshi Khurana and we also saw one-sided love of Asim Riaz for Himangshi Khurana.

Though we know Himangshi Khurana was engaged with someone else before coming into the house, but she cannot control herself to loving Asim Riaz though she told every time she love Asim Riaz as like good friend. But the last episode where Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi carried a massage for Asim Riaz from Himangshi Khurana that she cannot get married and waiting for Asim Riaz.

This is really shocking news for all but especially for Asim Riaz because he cannot believe that Himangshi breaks up with her 10years relationship only for him. At first when Parag Tyagi told him that he is quite shocked and denying to believe and said that until he not hearing from Himangshi he cannot believe, but in some moments later he was happy to hear this thing because we saw him how much he love Himangshi.

But this happy moment does not long-lasting, because of When Asim’s Brother enter into house and Asim asked his brother about Himangshi and told him Parag Tiyagi’s massage which was sent by HImangshi, Asim brother completely deny this massage and said that this all is fake news and Asim should focus into game because he was very near into trophy.

This all happened in the last episode, for more latest information check it here.

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