Bigg Boss13 9th January 2020: Who is New Captain Of The House in 15 Week?

Day by day season13 of Bigg Boss housebreak all the record of previous Bigg Boss season. People eagerly wait for Bigg Boss Season but this season is most interesting than another season. This season getting the highest TRP of than another season, for that this season extended up to 15th February. This Bigg boss season only Celebrity is a contestant.

This 15th week of the house very important for the all contestant in the house because the finale is near. Every nomination and captaincy task decided the contestant future journey in this house but we saw this week in the nomination process all the contestants take a risk for nomination and no one saves any person by any contestant. Where Bigg Boss has given a task to save any contestant by sacrifices of Bigg Boss property. We saw the nomination task everyone wants to save their favorite contestants but only for majority support, it can’t happen.

In this 15th week, all contestants are nominated by their own choice believe in public voting. In this nomination task, Shehnaz Gill says that its time to know the public decisions about a contestant who is strong or weak. The public is known who are better deserving in this house Shehnaz Gill indirectly targeted Mahira Sharma.

Now we talking about last night captaincy task where Bigg Boss has given an interesting task to all contestants where Bigg Boss has given dabedari of captaincy to another hand. Task be like everyone hanging a photo of another dabedari of captaincy totally depends on another hand. They can destroy hanging photo of their neck by their own choice and they can save who want to be captain. but in the last of this task, we saw three contestants are not ready to destroy their photos for that reason Bigg Boss should interfere and ask their decision. This three-person are Paras Chabra, Mahira Sharma and Asim Riaz. Where Mahira Sharma hangs Paras Chabra photo, Paras Chabra hangs Asim Riaz Photo and Asim Riaz hangs Rashmi Desai photo, here Paras want to compete with Asim Rias in captaincy task but Asim doesn’t agree with Paras and he wanted to support Rashmi as a captain. But for this argument, Bigg Boss rodd the task and give punishment to these three contestants Paras, Mahira and Asim to doing all work in this house till the next captaincy task.

Again in this 15th week, there was no captain. Bigg Boss13 today’s episode going to be a very entertaining episode must watch.   

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