Doorbell Camera Captures 2 Little Owls In The Middle Of A Minor Dispute


Three little owls put on a show, goofing around in front of a doorbell camera. Two of them even had a minor dispute over an insect.

When one owl dropped the bug, another quickly hopped over, snatched up the tasty morsel in its beak and swallowed it before the first owl could take it back. Then, the two stared directly into the camera. 

All the while, a third owl can be seen hopping around in the background, clearly oblivious to the bug battle.

Ring posted the footage on its YouTube page, saying it came from someone identified only as Lyndsay, who loves owls.  She had just moved into a new home with her family when their Ring camera captured the unusual scene.

“These owls had so much personality,” she was quoted as saying. “They were so wide-eyed peeking at the camera! One stole a bug the other had dropped and the third owl was a free spirit doing its own thing.” 

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