Hindu Calendar 2022 PDF Download : हिन्दू कैलेंडर २०२२ पीडीऍफ़

Hindu Calendar 2022 PDF

Hindu Calendar 2022 PDF, हिन्दू कैलेंडर २०२२ पीडीऍफ़ डाउनलोड, 2022 Hindu Calendar PDF Download, Hindu Calendar 2022 PDF, 2022 Hindu Festival List:

Hindu Calendar in 2022, Hindu Calendar in English. Hindu Calendar is the very ancient calendar ever. Hindu Calendar is one of the Traditional calendars for all Hindus. It is also called Panchanga orPanjika. Hindu Calendar or panchanga or Panjika is a traditional time reckoning system used by all Hindus for various purposes. Like determining the dates of any festival. Basically most of the Hindus doing their any important work, they search or follow the Hindu Calendar or Panchanga or Panjika for the right time which is called Subh Mouharat in Hindi. All Hindus blindly believe and have all the faith in Hindu Calendars.

Hindu Calendar is very close and an essential book or calendar for Hindu Religion. In Hindu Religion, without the Hindu calendar or without seeing the right time or Subh Mouharat they do nothing. Hindu Calendar or Panjika is one of the various lunisolar calendars which is traditionally used in the Hindu Culture in various religious purposes.

When was the Hindu Calendar started?

Hindu Calendar has been started using since Vedic Times. Hindu Calendar or Panjika were refined during the Gupta periods. Hindu Calendar or Panjika was astronomy by ARYABHAT and VARAHAMIHIRA in the 5th or 6th century.

From which month Hindu Calendar start in 2022?

15th April 2022 is the first day of Hindu month Vaisaka. Hindu Calendar starts from Hindu month Vaisaka, which is starting from 15th April 2022.

Hindu Month Vaisaka starts from which English Month in 2022?

Hindu Calendar also has twelve months like English Calendar. Hindu Calendar starts from the first month of the Hindu calendar which is Vaisakha. And Vaisakha will start from 15th April 2022.

Which is the first month of Hindu Calendar?

Hindu Calendar also has twelve months like English Calendar. Vaisakha is the first month of the Hindu calendar. Vaisakha month starts in English month April 15.

When Hindu Calendar start?

Basically, According to the Hindu Calendar  New year starts from the end of Chaitra month. It means Vaisakha is the New year’s month for the Hindu calendar.

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Final Word

Hindu Calendar has twelve months like English Calendar. Vaisakha is the first month of the Hindu Calendar. Each and every month has 30 days but in some year some months has 31 or 32 days. Hindu Calendar has two sides, one is Krishna paksha and another in Shukla Paksha. These two paksha are based on the movement of the Moon. When Moon is decreasing is called Krishna Paksha and when Moon is ascending is called Shukla Paksha.

So, We tried to mention more and more information about Hindu Calendar 2022. Hopefully, this article will help you to find Hindu months and dates. For more information keep visiting TheNewsDigit and share this information. Thank you.


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