Kashmira Shah’s shocking Statement on SIDNAZ on Bigg Boss 13 Latest Episode

Kashmira Shahs shocking Statement

Kashmira Shah shocking Statement on SIDNAZ on Bigg Boss 13 Latest Episode

In the last episode of Bigg Boss/13, we saw some connection enters into the house, where Kashmira Shah has a connection with Arti Singh so she enters into the house for Arti Singh. As we see Kashmira Shah has a strong personality. She is the ex-contestants in Bigg Boss season 1. She very states forward person, last night she entered the house, and started playing a game with other contestants. She started talks about everyone’s game and who doing good etc.

She started teasing of Vishal Aditya Singh, she asked Vishal that is he in the game? Her tone in this sentence is very funny. After some while when some contestants are sitting in the garden area with Kashmira Shah and talking about the game, in that time Sidharth Sukla asked Kashmira about Shenaz’s face, lips etc.in funny way. But Shenaz did not like this behavior of Sidharth Sukla.in that time Shenaz asked Kashmira about her husband Krushna. Actually Shenaz takes the only name of Krushna, but Kashmira said that she should take her husband’s name with respectfully. In this topic Shenaz getting upset and she said that if she called Krishna Ji then it sounds like a fake. Then Kashmira replied that some time Shenaz looking like fake so it’s ok in her mouth.

Kashmira Shah’s this statement hurts Shenaz Gill and she came out from there and angry on Sidharth Sukla. But Sidharth Sukla trying to understands her and suggest that don’t react to such kind of things because everyone seeing it. Shenaz was crying inside the bathroom and after some time she came out and behaving normally with Sidharth and also with other contestants.

On the other hand, Kashmira Shah talking about ”SIDNAZ” with other contestants that Sidnaz was finished in outside, and Sidnaz is looking like fakenaz now. She also said that the audience is watching and they know what is right or what is wrong.

In today’s episode in Bigg Boss, Shenaz Gill’s brother Shahbaz entered into house for Shenaz, after coming of her brother she is looking more confident than earlier. Now it is going to very interesting to see that how can Shenaz handling the other contestants and what is her next game plan.

In Bigg Boss 13 house, It’s time to game-changing, because every contestant’s connections are entered into the house, and they all now in-game. This show really going to be a very entertaining day by day.

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