One member of each contestant entered the Bigg Boss 13 house for supporting their contestants

Bigg Boss season 13

One member of each contestant entered the Bigg Boss 13 house for supporting their contestants.

Big Breaking News from Bigg Boss 13 house that One member of each and every contestant entered into the house and stay in the BB house for supporting their favorite one. This happening for the first time in Bigg Boss’s history. These types of things never are seen before in Bigg Boss. This is the 13th season of Bigg Boss, this season called in Hindi ”Bigg Boss tera”.Tera means 13 or tera another means that cursive. According to this season name really show also going to be cursive or tera day by day.

In the preview of today’s episode, we were that a new interesting concept added in Bigg Boss 13, which is we never seen before any season.This interesting concept introduced by the host Salman Khan. Salman Khan told us that from the next week in Bigg Boss house there are some people entered into the house and also stay in the house for supporting their own contestants. This concept really interesting and it is going to be very entertaining to see in the next episodes.

From the preview,we also saw that who are coming in the Bigg Boss house for new interesting concept. It is really going to be interesting to see who supports whom and how they help their contestants and how much the contestants benefited from them? Actually every contestant of the Bigg Boss 13 needs strong support for their game at this time, though we never saw before like this concept but now we strongly support this concept and understand it’s needed.

We also know,who is coming in Bigg Boss and for Whom? From the preview of the episode, we saw for Shenaz Gill her brother Shahbaz,Arti Singh’s sister-in-law Kashmira Shah, Asim Riaz’s friend and ex Bigg Boss13 contestant Himanshi Khurana,Mahira Sharma’s brother Akash, Sidharth Sukla’s friend the mastermind Vikash Gupta, Rashmi Desai her friend Deevolina,Vishal’ brother Kunal will enter tomorrow in Bigg Boss house. But it is not cleared that who is Paras Chapra.

We also get some news that Himanshi Khurana is confessing her love to Asim Riaz and also clear that the real reason for her break-up with Chow. She also upset with the fact that Asim Riaz is being blamed for break up, so in this, she will be cleared all such doubts and confesses her love to Asim Riaz. The next week in Bigg Boss13 going to be very entertaining. So watch here for new updates from Bigg Boss.

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