Rashami Desai Big Statements on her relationship with Arhan Khan in front of Media

Rashami Desai Big Statements

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai Big Statements on her relationship with Arhan Khan in front of Media.

In Bigg Boss 13 this weekend ka vaar host Salman Khan once again cleared some misunderstanding of Rashmi Desai about her relationship with her Boyfriend Arhan Khan. Host Salman Khan gave some information about Arhan Khan previously when Arhan Khan stayed in the Bigg Boss house. At that time we saw Rashmi Desai was quite shocked because she had no idea about Arhan’s past life, actually Arhan Khan never confesses his past life with her. But through Salman Khan, she knew about Arhan’s past life. After knowing of such things she gets upset with him but she did not react so much because she wants to solve this problem outside the house.

Rashmi Desai and Arhan Khan’s love relation gets so many highlights and it creates also controversy’s in this season. Arhan Khan’s real face came through this reality show Bigg Boss13.After 2nd eviction of Arhan Khan, Rashmi Desai playing this game very well. She alone handle all problems and also changes her behavior with Sidharth Sukla. Sidharth Sukla and Rashmi Desai both change their behavior with each other. Which is looking nice and cute.

But after entry of connections in Bigg Boss house, once again came out Arhan Khan’s topic. This topic firstly came out from Asim Riaz’s connection to Himanshi Khurana. Actually, when Arhan Khan and Himanshi Khurana have stayed in the Bigg Boss house, Arhan Khan made Himanshi as a sister. On the basis of these relations, Arhan Khan met Himanshi outside the house after the eviction of both.

So after re-entry of Himanshi Khurana in the Bigg Boss house as the connection of Asim Riaz, she discussed Arhan Khan with Asim Riaz and Vishal Aditya Singh. And after that, she also Talked with Rashmi Desai. Himanshi Khurana told that Arhan was so upset on Rashmi Desai because of her closeness with Sidharth Sukla. And Arhan also crying in front of Himanshi.

Now the main thing is, in Bigg Boss house there is a rule that no one talks or takes any information outside in the Bigg Boss house. Only for this reason Salman Khan in front of everyone playing such gossiping video of Himanshi with Asim and Vishal. And then Rashmi and Deevolina get angry and upset with Himanshi as well as Arhan Khan.

So from the promo, we saw media task will happen in the next episode, Where reporters ask some questions to every contestant. In this task, a reporter asked a question to Rashmi Desai about her relationship with Arhan Khan, and Rashmi answered a shocking statement that she is very much clear about her relationship and there is no possibility to stay together in future with Arhan Khan. Rashami Desai Big Statements

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