Salman Khan Angry on Asim and Rashmi in Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka Vaar

Salman Khan Angry

Salman Khan Angry on Asim and Rashmi in Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka Vaar.

Salman Khan was angry on Asim Riaz and Rashmi Desai into Weekend ka Vaar episode, as they stated Bigg Boss show is biased towards Sidharth Sukla.

We noticed so many times that some contestants were stated Bigg Boss is based on some contestants, it mostly happened when Bigg Boss took the decision against anyone then such against party said that Bigg Boss is biased. They do not say it directly but they discussed about it. In this thirteenth season
Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Mahira Sharma, Paras Chapra, and any others also talking about this thing.

Bigg Boss 13 is very near to the final week, and only some contestants are staying in the house. It’s a very important time for all contestants staying in the Bigg Boss house. So Bigg Boss Gave some interesting tasks, which is going on. In this week Bigg Boss gives a chance to nominated contestants to save themselves from nomination, where an immunity task was happened in between four contestants Arti Singh, Shenaz Gill, Mahira Sharma, and Paras Chapra. Sanchalak of this task was Rashmi Desai.
The result of this task was no one got immunity from this task and all these four contestants nominated for this week.

After this task Bigg Boss giving another chance to Elite Club Members Rashmi Desai, Asim Riaz and Sidharth Sukla to save anyone contestant by immunity which is gained through the task. The task is like nominated four contestants are locked in a Pinjira and key on the table. And Elite club members have the chance to collect the key and unlocked anyone contestants. This key collect round happened five times and who is more time collect the key and unlock whom, He/she is saved in this nomination. So Sidharth Sukla already collects the key three times and unlock Paras Chapra.

During this task Asim Riaz and Rashmi Desai playing in the group and Sidharth Sukla playing alone, but no one can stop Sidharth Sukla to collect the key. Asim Riaz planned a blocked strategy, where he blocked Sidharth Sukla and Rashmi was collect the key. But Asim failed in his plan, in this Asim fall down and Bigg Boss warning everyone to do not get physical in the task. Then Rashmi and Asim indirectly called biased to the Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss also told them that it was not biased, and they also apologize for their statements, some while once again they talked the same.

In this weekend ka vaar episode Salman Khan Gets angry on Asim and Rashmi for their behavior and told them that if they feel this show is biased then why they are part of this show, they should leave the show. After this they both justify the reasons to Salman Khan why they feel it.

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