Salman Khan Reveal The Bigg Boss 13 TROPHY on Sunday Weekend ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 13 TROPHY

Salman Khan Reveal The Bigg Boss 13 TROPHY on Sunday Weekend ka Vaar. In Sunday Weekend ka Vaar the host Salman khan reveals the Bigg Boss 13 Trophy.

Bigg Boss 13 is very close to finally, next week is the final week of Bigg Boss 13. It will be great finally ever in Bigg Boss. As usual, Salman Khan will reveal the trophy of Bigg Boss 13, in trophy BB wrote in gold studded with diamond-like stones. Bigg Boss trophy always looking gorgeous and stunning. In season 13th of Bigg Boss till now, not reveal the trophy, but from some sources, we got the news that in this current Weekend ka Vaar the trophy will be revealed by host Salman Khan.

This 13th season of Bigg Boss rocked, it’s full of entertainment. This show gets the highest TRP in this season, it also extends five weeks on demand of the public. Bigg Boss 13 gave us so many twist and new elements which are really entertained us. The contestants of this season are celebs no commoners. And now only seven contestants are staying in Bigg Boss house, they are Sidharth Sukla, Shenaz Gill, Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Paras Chapra, Mahira Sharma, and independent Arti Singh.

In these seven contestants, three contestants are Elite Club Member, it means they are already entered into the final week and Paras Chapra got immunity and entered into finally week by Sidharth Sukla. So, now only three contestants are nominated this week Mahira Sharma, Arti Singh, and Shenaz Gill. As we know Shenaz Gill is a very entertainer so her chance to go out of the house very poor, but Mahira Sharma and Arti Singh they both quite weak than Shenaz Gill. From some sources Mahira Sharma’s midnight Eviction news came out, if that was true then Arti Singh also entered into the final week.

This weekend ka vaar Salman Khan has not announced the name of evicted contestants, this time Bigg Boss evict at midnight. So don’t miss this weekend ka vaar episodes because this weekend reveals the trophy of Bigg Boss.

Rajat Sharma the great news reporter came into Bigg Boss 13 set and interrogated The host Salman Khan, he asked some funny questions relating to show. Shilpa Shetty and the co-star of her film are also entered into Bigg Boss set and Playing some interesting games, which are also seen in the promo of the last episode. This Weekend Ka Vaar is going to be very entertaining and interesting.

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