Sidharth Sukla is The New Captain of the Bigg Boss 13 house on 30 January 2020

Sidharth Sukla

Sidharth Sukla is The New Captain of the Bigg Boss 13 house on 30 January 2020.

Bigg Boss 13 gives us so many surprises in nowadays, this show going to super-duper hit day by day. In every episode there are so many twists, it increases the excitement of the audience. This season 13 of Bigg Boss is a historic season. In last night’s episode where we saw some connection of contestants entered into the house. Bigg Boss gave a simple task to such a connection that they had the power to make the new captain of the house, in this task most of the votes Sidharth Sukla for next Vivo captain of the house.

Yes, this news is very exciting for Sidharth fans that Sidharth Sukla is the next Vivo captain of the Bigg Boss house. He is elected by newcomers of the Bigg Boss house, newcomers means such persons who are entered into the house for supporting their own contestants. In Bigg Boss house this week is a family week, where some family members or close friends of contestants entered into the house and stay with other contestants in Bigg Boss house. This concept is totally new concept in Bigg Boss’s history.

At present time in Bigg Boss’s house, there is no captain in the house, for this Bigg Boss gave the power to the new connection of the contestants that they can make a name for new captain o the house except their own connected member. In this task, most of the connected persons take Sidharth Sukla’s name for the next Captain. But Bigg Boss told earlier that new captain of the house has all the powers but except the immunity from nomination.

So, in this captaincy, Sidharth Sukla has all the powers of captain except immunity. Anyway, he is a very strong contestant in the house and him also the member of the Elite Club. So he already has immunity from Elite Club. He became Elite Club member by live audience voting. From this, we know about his popularity.

It is the big news for Sidhearts that Sidharth Sukla is the Interim Captain Of The Week By Winning Family connection Task. For more Exclusive updates check here.

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