There is no Mall Task happening in Bigg Boss 13th in 2020

no Mall Task in Bigg Boss

There is no Mall Task happening in Bigg Boss 13th in 2020.

Bigg Boss 13 is in a very interesting mode now, where fans are going to be crazy for their favorite contestants. This show is very near to the final, so like every season it’s time to Mall Task in Bigg Boss 13, from some rumors and social media, a news out that on Thursday morning in Goregaon Oberoi Mall, there will be Mall Task happens with three Elite Club members Sidharth Sukla, Asim Riaz, and Rashmi Desai.

We already saw some videos of Mall Task in Social Media, where fans are shouting their favorite contestant’s names and it’s also noticed that peoples are gathering in the Mall but contestants are not there. So, from rumors, it’s coming out that there are no Mall Task happening. This news also came from the Colors Channel official site. They said,” DEAR FANS, THE RUMORS OF A #BIGGBOSS TASK TAKING PLACE AT @OBEROIMALLMUMBAI IN MUMBAI TODAY ARE COMPLETELY FALSE AND THE CHANNEL HAD NEVER PLANNED A TASK OF THIS NATURE.#BIGGBOSS13 #BIGGBOSS#BB13”.

Bigg Boss 13 fans are getting angry for canceling Mall Task because fans are getting crazy to meet their favorite contestants and they waiting for them. Because This news about Mall task came out from the last few days. So all fans of Bigg Boss are getting excited about this task.

Actually it is not cleared yet that is Mall Task happening or not? There is so much news that came out some are told it’s happening but for gathering it’s canceled after some moments. It’s cleared when we’ll follow the next latest episodes of Bigg Boss13.

There are so many rumors that came out relating to Mall Task and contestants who are actually selected for Mall Task. Some are told only Elite Club members Sidhart Sukla, Rashmi Desai, Asim Riaz and some are also told Shenaz Gill also participated in this task. We only hoped that the Mall Task happened successfully.

If this Mall Task is not placed in Oberoi Mall in Goregaon Mumbai on Thursday morning, then it’s very sad news for all Bigg Boss fans, because of every Bigg Boss fans are waiting for this task in every season. It’s the biggest opportunity for fans to meet their own favorite contestants. And contestants also get an idea for their popularity in the show. This task is very interesting for all contestants and as well as BB fans.

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