Vishal Aditya Singh Evicted from Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 3rd February 2020

Vishal Aditya Singh Evicted

Vishal Aditya Singh Evicted from Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 3rd February 2020.

Big Breaking News, in this Weekend Ka Vaar Vishal Aditya Singh may be Eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. There is so much possibility that in this Weekend Ka Vaar Vishal Aditya Singh will be evicted due to less votes. Bigg Boss 13 is near to the final week, where every contestant’s nomination is very important. But in this week 4 contestants are nominated Arti Singh, Shenaz Gill, Sidharth Sukla, and Vishal Aditya Singh.

We already saw so many new concepts added in Bigg Boss13, one is, to entered connections of the contestants in the house, these connections are also playing for their own contestants. So Bigg Boss gave a captaincy task to all contestants and as well as connections. Bigg Boss also told to contestants that which connections win the task, they have the power by Bigg Boss, but what power they have it was not cleared by Bigg Boss.

In this captaincy task, all contestants and connections are divided into two groups, one is all contestants and another is connections. The name of captaincy task Paisa Barish task, the rule of this task like contestants group only make paisa and barish such paisa to another group and another connection group only collected such paisa and deposit into the treasury. Than everyone counts their paisa and announced to the Bigg Boss.After counting who has the highest money he/she has the power to remove any name from Dabedari of captaincy.

First, two round goes very well, where Vikash Gupta won the task and he removes Arti Singh, Shenaz Gill, and Vishal Aditya Singh. But in the third round, some connections are trying to block another contestant, during that time Himanshi Khurana injured. Bigg Boss immediately stop that task and announced that this task cannot go continuously so no one gets Dabedari for captaincy. But as Bigg Boss already told that which connections won the task they have power, then Bigg Boss reveals such power. That power is they can save anyone nominated contestants except their own connections. So at last Shenaz’s brother, Shehbaz and Vikash Gupta won the task, so they have such power. And decided a name in mutual understanding that they want to save Arti Sigh.

Now only three persons are nominated for eviction, Shenaz, Sidharth and Vishal. As we know that Shenaz and Sidharth are stronger then Vishal. So it is so much possible to Vishal’s elimination this week.

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