What’s Tiger King Challenge on BitLife? Everything you need to know to ace the game

What's Tiger King Challenge on BitLife? Here's all you need to know to ace the game. The new game allows users to navigate Joe Exotic's life and relive moments from the hit series through the fictional characters

Tiger King Challenge

In instances of social distancing due to the continuing pandemic, one couldn’t find sufficient distractions whilst cooped up in their homes. While Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ became mind-boggling enough to become one in all the most mentioned documentary collections ever, the text-based totally video game ‘BitLife: Life Simulator’ has now given you a new game called the Tiger King Challenge.

The new game lets in customers navigate Joe Exotic’s lifestyles and relive moments from the hit series through fictional characters. The game, however, calls for the users to follow hard and fast instructions on the way to win it. If you are a fan of the Tiger King himself and several different oddballs who were featured within the collection, read underneath to know the way to ace BitLife’s new game.

BitLife Tiger King Challenge Requirements

  1. Be a Male
  2. Start off in Oklahoma City
  3. Get married to a Man
  4. Own at least three big cats
  5. Hire a Hitman and go to jail

Be a Male

The first requirement of the project is alternatively easy. You want to create a man or woman who is a gay male.

Start off in Oklahoma City

Similar to the first step, make sure you pick the USA of America as your united states of starting place and Oklahoma City as your vicinity of birth.

Get married to a Man

Joe Exotic never shied faraway from expressing his sexuality and nether did he hesitate to romance a couple of partners. In stage three of the challenge, which makes a speciality of Tiger King’s adulthood, calls for you to choose your sexual orientation. Select ‘I’m Gay’. In the subsequent process, you will need thus far and marry other gay men.

How to advise to them you ask? Well, purchase them a diamond ring over one carat and you’re appropriate to go.

Own at least three big cats

In order to shop for the massive cats, you need to choose Go To Activities and choose Pet Dealer under that, before selecting Exotic Pet Dealer. The user should buy the tigers labeled ‘Big Cat’ without cost for a limited time in contrast to other circumstances when you need to very own a Bitizenship account to shop for any uncommon pet.

Hire a Hitman and go to jail

Under the Activities pick out Crime and you’ll be presented with a Hitman option. Select the choice and choose your target. However, there’s no manner to determine in case you are selecting the proper hitman who will fail at his task. All you could do is desire your select fails in their mission to be able to successfully complete the Tiger King Challenge.


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